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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. admin Post author


    If you use the link you gave and go into repositories you will find prog_bbb (first choice) which will have all the code or (and this works for everything) if you go to the page for the book on our website at the top of the blurb will be a link to ‘download code’. Clicking this will take you straight through to the correct repository.

    Hope that helps,


  2. paul schulman

    I have a question. I am very interested in learning about Arduino and bought Programming Arduino. I also got a TinkerKit . I can’t get the book to relate to the TinkerKit. Point me in the right direction, please.

  3. Fauzuwan Xavier

    Hello Monk may I ask you a questions related to your book Android Project For Evil Genius.
    I have read your books several times. and want to try out one of your project that seem really catchy to me
    in Chapter 6 Ultrasonic Range Finder. my problem is , it is really hard for me to get the USB host Sheild from sparkfun,the price + shipping and tax is killing me
    as a student. can I use USB host sheild 2.0 that are not from Sparkfun. or you can suggest me with other alternatives.
    Thanks Monk for the great books.

  4. chinmay

    Hi Simon,
    In your book ‘Programming the BeagleBone Black’, in the chapter ‘Web Interfaces’ you had given few instructions to download the ‘’ library. I have tried it on my BBB, but the files have not been correctly installed. Any ideas how to proceed?

  5. Robert

    I just attached an ultra sonic range finder. It appears to be faulty.
    Running this code got these results:

    while TRUE:
    d = rr.get_distance()
    print(“D is ” + str(d))

    This returned numbers like 0.7836735475 or 0.8767636453 when an object was at different lengths from the range-finder. Sometimes when the block was close it returned normal values like 1.6562354236. I am unsure whether the range finder or the code is at fault.

    I hope to here your reply, Robert.

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