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This a kit of parts to accompany the book ‘Programming BeagleBone Black‘. It will get you started with a whole load of the projects and experiments described in the book. Its also not a bad general electronics starter kit.

  • Solderless electronic experiment kit
  • Accompanies the book Programming BeagleBone Black (Beagle Bone and Book NOT included)
  • High quality 400 point Breadboard
  • A Good Range of Interesting Components to get you started

components out of box copy

The kit comprises:

10 x 470 Ω Resistors, 5 x 1 kΩ Resistors, 1 x 10 kΩ Trimpot, 1 x Photoresistor, 2 x 2N3904 Transistors, 1 x TIP120 Transistor, 2 x Red LEDs, 1 x RGB Common Cathode LED, 1 x TMP36 Temperature Sensor, 2 x Tactile Push Switch, 1 x Breadboard 400 point, 20 x M-M jumper wires, 1 x 9g Servo motor


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