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  1. Ashley

    Hi got Raspberry cookbook delivered yesterday and was wondering if could send me the programs after 1 to 10 which come with the electronics book please. I also bought the electronics kit from to do the projects 1 to 10 but we got that from Amazon from you.

    Be great full if can help



  2. Thomas Inglis

    Hi Linda. Got the replacement parts this morning so thank you very much. With regards to, e.g., the red led you are quite right and that was there i just assumed it would be red as per the image on the box. Thinking bits were missing I hadnt even attempted any of the examples. I will definitely come back and buy parts from your store to make up for it. The image of two 330NF capacitor also led me to beleive there should be two when your list this morning says one.

    So now I *do* have two.

    Im sorry for any aggro but this is literally my first project/attempt at this stuff. Many thanks. As I said should I need these parts (or parts of parts) your my first port of call and I promise to give you a glowing report on Amazon.

    kindest regards

    Thomas Inglis

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Thomas,

    Don’t worry about it, these things happen! We are thinking about changing the key though now as it is a bit misleading but it is handy to have it on the lid so I’m not sure what we will do instead.

    Hope you enjoy the kit. My top tip is to make sure you put the LEDs in the right way round or the circuits won’t work and you also need to make sure you use the LX Terminal for the commands. Any problems please drop me a line at linda@monkmakes.com.

    Let us know how you get on but a ‘glowing’ Amazon review would be lovely!


  4. Cliff Losee

    I am working my way thru “Programming Arduino”. Also building and coding all the exercises in “Vilros Ultimate….”. Was doing great until I tried your 5.05 (morse Code)……… hand typed it …. it just won’t compile AND I’m completely baffled by the flow of the code.
    Looked at it on your website, printed a copy, and they appear to be the same…a great disappointment is the lack of //comments…since I’m a newbie I need those crutches !!!
    Also, is there a way to download the code and get it straight into the arduino Uno? Very frustrated. Until I hear from you I guess only thing to do is skip it and try the next one. I’m retired and finally have the time to build some security and robotic stuff. Really counting on you-all for some guidance. Best, Cliff

  5. phillip trimble

    I bought your “Programming Arduino Next Steps, Going Further with Sketches” book several weeks ago, as I wanted to dive deeper into Arduino projects.
    At first read, I felt it was over my head, quite a bit. After experimenting with the Arduino, and playing with various sketches, I decided
    to scan through this book again. Finally, the examples started to become clearer. You really explain things well through your example sketches, and I feel
    I am starting to grasp the content better. I am excited about applying this new knowledge as I experiment with my own sketch ideas.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the Arduino, and the Arduino ‘C’ language.

    Phillip Trimble
    Beginner Arduino Hacktivist
    Kentucky, USA

  6. admin Post author

    Thanks Phillip, I’m glad you are finding the book useful. The book you have is really the sequel to “Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches” so well done for making sense of the more advanced volume. Si.

  7. admin Post author

    Please download the code, especially when you get tot he longer sketches. Its so easy to miss a semicolon or line of the code. All the code for the book is here on Github. https://github.com/simonmonk/programming_arduino download the zip and extract it and then double clicking on a sketch will open it in the Arduino IDE.

  8. Steve M.

    I just purchased this book and Getting Started With Sketches from Amazon. I see your link above for Getting Started, however I can’t seem to find the link for code download for this book. Thanks.

  9. admin Post author

    On each individual book page there is a link to ‘download code’. Click this and it will take you through to the correct page on Github.

    On the righthand side there is a button for ‘download Zip’.

    Sometimes its not obvious so look for the <> button (on right, near top) which will open the menu.

    Hope that helps.


  10. ja

    can i power this board with raspberry pi connected to microusb? and to control servo motors?
    Thank you

  11. mike alberga

    Programming Raspberry Pi – Getting Started With Python

    the code for this book is listed to be located @ raspberrypibook.com

    can you please direct me to the example code


  12. Mike Alberga

    The code below is downloaded from https://github.com/simonmonk/monk_raspberrypi/blob/master/edition_1/04_06_hangman_get_guess.py
    also the same error in the following scripts #04_07, #04_08, #04_09

    Basically all of the scripts for the hangman sample app throw the same error.

    ********Error********* NameError name ‘whatever I type” is not defined

    I am running win 8.1 and visual studio 2013 w/pyhton tools, I thought it was MS IronPython that was broken, so I put the scripts on the RPI

    The Raspberry Pi results were the same. At this point I am stuck. I am not sure I should go any further in the book without an explanation as to what is wrong, here in the beginning of the book.



    import random

    words = [‘chicken’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’, ‘mouse’, ‘frog’]
    lives_remaining = 14

    def play():
    word = pick_a_word()
    while True:
    guess = get_guess(word)
    if process_guess(guess, word):
    print(‘You win! Well Done!’)
    if lives_remaining == 0:
    print(‘You are Hung!’)
    print(‘The word was: ‘ + word)

    def pick_a_word():
    word_position = random.randint(0, len(words) – 1)
    return words[word_position]

    def get_guess(word):
    print(‘Lives Remaining: ‘ + str(lives_remaining))
    guess = input(‘ Guess a letter or whole word?’)
    return guess

    def process_guess(guess, word):
    global lives_remaining
    lives_remaining = lives_remaining -1
    return False

    def print_word_with_blanks(word):
    print(‘print_word_with_blanks: not done yet’)


  13. chinmay

    Hi Simon,
    In your book ‘Programming the BeagleBone Black’, in the chapter ‘Web Interfaces’ you had given few instructions to download the ‘socket.io’ library. I have tried it on my BBB, but the files have not been correctly installed. Any ideas how to proceed?

  14. Martin

    I would like to use the RPi Electronics Starter Kit as a teaching resource. Could you please contact me so I can talk about ordering etc.
    Thank you for your time,

  15. admin Post author

    Which version of BBB do you have? Running Debian or Angstrom? I tried it on both. Which step gives you the error?

  16. Diba

    Hi Simon,

    I am a lecturer at the Computer Science Department at the University of California San Diego. We are looking to purchase around 10 (possibly 18) robot kits that work with the Raspberry Pi for use in our a summer program.
    The program starts second week of August. Do you have the above advertised Raspberry Pi Starter Kit available for purchase in approximately the number we require? The website seems to say there is only one in stock. Does the kit need soldering for assembly? Also, is it possible to ship these to the US?


  17. admin Post author

    Hi Diba,

    We currently have more chassis on order for the Robot Kits which we hope to receive very soon.

    The soldering is done for you so all you need to make the robot is a screwdriver & a pair of pliers.

    We can ship to America but in this case would have to look into shipment costs as I would expect that it is cheaper to courier than use Royal Mail. You would of course be responsible for any import tax/duty or any other shipment cost.

    Its probably easier to do this by purchase order (linda@monkmakes.com) in view of the likely size of the order. We are happy to be paid using PayPal or direct into our bank account although we do ask that we are paid within 7 days of receipt.

    If you have any further queries please drop me a line,


  18. Jan Willem den Besten

    Just bought “programming the rpi, getting started”
    Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into getting people to program/tinker the rpi.

  19. admin Post author

    You are most welcome and I am glad you have found the book useful. Si.

  20. Robotwizard

    Whats up with the third edition of “Arduino Cookbook”? Prepurchased a copy on Amazon, but now the link for the book is dead and release date for July 23rd doesn’t even show up any more. Is it still scheduled to be released? Will there be enough copies to fulfill initial demand?



  21. admin Post author

    Hi John,

    Sorry but the Arduino Cookbook is not one of Simon’s books so we can’t be of any help I’m afraid.


  22. Pedro

    Hi… I wanted to buy a RaspiRobot Board version 2 but i don’t really need another Rpi. I’m unable to add the RaspiRobot Board version 2 to the cart without an rpi.
    Is there any way to buy just the RaspiRobot Board version 2?
    Thanks in advance

  23. admin Post author

    My fault!

    I have amended website so you can now buy the RaspiRobot board (v2) on its own.

    Thanks for letting me know my error.


  24. Huw

    I just received my electronics starter kit yesterday and I have to say that I am disappointed with it, I was expecting to get the python code with the pack not just run the programming, where’s the learning in that? I also agree that the legend is very misleading, I too was looking for the extra bits and I would have preferred, as I thought it would be, a single red, yellow and green led. This kit is not cheap I bought it from cCPC. I would appreciate the code for the projects please. I feel like I am being pressured into buying the books!

  25. Huw

    Also there are no explanations of what a component does or is doing?

  26. Huw

    It keeps getting worst, there is not enough resistors in the kit!!!!!!!

  27. Brenda

    Using RRB2(), is there a way to cancel a long running instruction? For example, rr.forward(10,1), will go forward for 10 seconds. Say a sensor detects an obstacle and I want to interrupt that ‘forward’ instruction, maybe issue a rr.stop() instruction or ‘turn’ instruction.

    I first tested my question with a simple python script using the ‘forward’ instruction for 5 seconds immediately followed by the ‘stop’ instruction. The bot continued forward for the full 5 seconds. In looking at the ‘forward’ code from your repository, I can see why it does that.

    Is there a way to interrupt a long running instruction? Without modifying the existing RRB code


  28. admin Post author

    Hi Huw,
    First of all, sorry for the delay in responding, we get a lot of spam to wade through.
    Let me deal with your points in-line below:

    I was expecting to get the python code with the pack not just run the programming

    I think what you might mean here is that you feel that you can only run the programs without seeing the code itself. The Getting Started card shows you how to download all the code examples, which you can run, but if you also want to open up the programs and play with them, use the command “nano” followed by the program name to see and edit it. One of the great things about Python is that it does not hide the code away. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a little stack of cards to teach you Python programming. That is the kind of thing that you do need a book (or online tutorial) for.

    I thought it would be, a single red, yellow and green led

    Ah, well, the term RGB LED (Red Green BLUE LED) refers to a single LED body containing the three LED emitters that allow any colour to be mixed by varying the relative proportions of R, G and B. Sorry if this is not what you were expecting, I am wondering if perhaps you were confusing our kit with the traffic light kits sold elsewhere? Anyway personally I think an RGB LED is a lot more fun.

    Also there are no explanations of what a component does or is doing?

    Again, its a small kit, while it would be great if it could include primers on both electronics and programming, thats not really practical, for a kit like this. Our philosophy is that you make the 10 projects, get them working and for those that are interested in how it all works, they find out more about it for themselves. There are lots of great free resources on the Internet for this, and of course books.

    It keeps getting worst, there is not enough resistors in the kit!!!!!!!

    When she is putting the kist together, Linda is one of those people who check everything about 10 times. So, please look again very carefully against the packing list. Its not uncommon for those pesky little components to get stuck in the folds of the box if you don’t keep them in their little plastic bag.

    Anyway, check and if you are definitely missing some, let Linda know directly (linda@monkmakes.com) (for fastest response) what resistors you are missing and we’ll get them out to you first class post.

  29. admin Post author

    Hi Brenda,

    The way to avoid this problem is to use rr.forward(0, 1). By putting a 0 as the duration argument, the Python code will set the motor running forward, until such time as you tell it to do something else (stop for example). This should let you do what you want with the sensor input. Let me know if you need any more help.

    Hope you are enjoying the RRBv2.

    Kind Regards, Si.

  30. Alex Williams


    I am planning to use the TEA5767 module as part of a larger circuit to be made as a PCB, and this breakout appealed to me as there is an Open Hardware logo on the top, so I can integrate it into my own PCB.

    However, I cannot find anything mentioning downloading the circuit board, could you please point me in the direction of the download?

    Kind regards, Alex

  31. MarkE

    I’ve got both the raspirobot and raspirobot2. Love both of ’em. I’ve got my Tiki Room parrot working with v1 here: Tiki Bird – Full Dress Rehearsal .

    The problem I’m running into is that the 7805 voltage regulator gets HOT. So, it was good news to see you’re using a switching 5V source on V2. I’m looking for a parts list reference for V2. It seems to be using the output of the 5V to run the Vcc2 for the h-bridge. But, I’m not sure which parts you’re using. I downloaded the schematic and board files and will see if I can figure out what’s in there with those. But, a parts list would help a whole lot. The Parrot needs a full 6VDC to drive its motors and they bog down using the 4.5 VDC being supplied.

    Thanks for the cool boards. I’ve really enjoyed learning about h-bridges and using wiringPi with the Raspberry Pi. Keep up the great work!

  32. admin Post author

    Fantastic. Hope you don’t mind I Tweeted your video.

    The RRB2 supplies regulated power to the motor. But you should be getting a good clean 5V at 2A without any problem. What are you using to power the RRBv2? How many Volts and max Amps?

    Also, I see you have already taken the step of a nice big heatsink! Good move. The voltage regulator can get very hot, but it includes thermal protection, so do not worry about it burning out. It will turn itself off if it gets too hot.

  33. Carlos

    I am having a problem while powering the RRBv2 via its swtiching power with 6AA batteries, when i send a reverse(0, 1) command followed by a stop() command the whole raspberry pi simply restarts, which is very problematic while testing a robot. If I power the raspberry pi via its own power regulator that does not happen, I suspect there is a variation on power consumption that is causing this and somehow the batteries magnify this problem.

  34. admin Post author

    Jumping to reverse is a bit like slamming a car into reverse from third gear. Big currents flow and can drop the battery voltage so the Pi Restarts.

    One way to mitigate against this problem is to change the software so that you transition a bit more gently from one motor speed or direction to another. It may not need much just to stop the really wild loads (use the brakes and go down through the gears).

    I hope the pseudo code below will help:

    old_speed = 0

    while True:
    new_speed = get_new_speed()
    if (new_speed > old_speed):
    s = old_speed
    while s < new_speed: s = s + 0.1 rr.setMotors(s, 0, s, 0) time.sleep(0.05) old_speed = new_speed When reversing motor direction. Try going to stop, then sleep for a fraction of a second before starting in the opposite direction. Hope that helps. Si.

  35. Tim

    I borrowed Programming Arduino Next Steps from the library. When trying to do one of the early sketches on page 19 and 20 of the book, the LED just keeps flashing forever instead of just the 10 times it should have. I even tried to define a new variable as “int (i=0);” before the setup, but it did not change the result. Also tried to change the for statement to an if..else, but I must have the syntax wrong to do that as it errors and won’t compile.. The LED just blinks forever. I will say that I am using a knockoff Uno from 16Mhz. Any ideas what is goign wrong?



  36. ADeeley


    Brought the monk makes starter electronic starter kit, but need the .py files that go with them, can I download these another way from using the raspberry pi. In a managed network that wont allow me to connect the pi to the internet.



  37. admin Post author

    Hi, you have not done anything wrong. What I should have pointed out in the book is that because the for command is in the loop function, having blinked 10 times, it will immediately blink another 10 times.

  38. Ajit


    Can the Raspiboard V2 drive 2 motors, the HC-SR-04 Sensor and 1 servo?

    I need to have the raspberry pi robot range and object, drive to it and close a pincher to pick up a object which requires me to need a 3rd motor

  39. Robert

    I have bought the RRB2 and followed all the instructions in the tutorial
    I have the raspberry pi model B
    I was following the python in a terminal window.
    I imported the rrb2 and then typed:
    rr = RRB2()
    This then came up with an error stating that there was no attribute “PWM”
    I then tried typing:
    This then repeted the same message

    I then tried typing:
    This gave me the same message
    I also tried using the test provided in root terminal because normal terminal needs to be root to do the import
    This also gave me the no attribute “PWM”
    Please help

    I have also contacted you on a different email account

  40. admin Post author

    That is the kind of error I would expect to see if you have an outdated version of the RPi.GPIO library.

    EIther update your entire system following these instructions:



    Just update RPi.GPIO by entering the following commands on the LX Terminal.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio


  41. Robert

    IT WORKED!!!

    Thank you so much. It has completed my CREST project. I will look out for more add-ons and boards.


  42. Robert

    My motors are working and I have written a python program to control them.
    How do I make the python program run when the pi is powered as root to control the motors.
    Is there a specific directory I need to save the file in or a line of code?

  43. Ajit

    Any response to my previous query?


    Can the Raspiboard V2 drive 2 motors, the HC-SR-04 Sensor and 1 servo?

    I need to have the raspberry pi robot range a object, drive to it and close a pincher to pick up a object which requires me to need a 3rd motor which is a servo to turn a clamp

  44. admin Post author

    Hi, sorry you previous comment slipped through my net!

    The answer is Yes if you have one of the latest RRBV2 with through headers, then you still have access to the unused GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi. You can attach a servo control lead to one of these pins to control the servo and use the RRBV2 to drive the other two motors. A search on the Internet will find you examples of using servos with a Raspberry Pi. Just don’t try and use a pin thats already in use by the RRBV2 (see http://www.raspirobot.com for a list of pins used).

  45. Robert

    Thanks it worked!

    Is there a way that you can control the motors with a keyboard.

    In a terminal or python window, when the program is running and you press the arrow keys strange symbols come up that are different for the different keys.
    Do you know of a way?

  46. admin Post author

    Its best to use the Pygame Python library for this. Google ‘Pygame key press’ for example code.

  47. Steve Laidlaw

    Hi, I see that the Raspberry Pi starter kit is sold out on amazon. Are you likely to get any more in before Christmas?

  48. admin Post author

    Yes sorry about that.

    I shipped a case load to Amazon yesterday (and another case today) so its just a matter of waiting until the inventory is in their system.

    We have plenty of stock so it shouldn’t happen again!

  49. admin Post author

    just to let you know the kit is back for sell on Amazon – thanks for your patience.

  50. Nickie

    I bought “The TAB Book Of Arduino Projects” from amazon and I was hoping to find all of the parts needed to make the fun-looking things in the book. I can’t find a complete kit (or even a partial one), so I was looking at getting the parts piece-by-piece and I am having the worst luck! I wanted them from amazon because I got a bunch of gift cards to amazon for my birthday. I am completely new to arduino (used one for a school project and want to learn more).

    Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find the parts or what I might be able to use instead?


  51. admin Post author

    The parts for all the projects would be a pretty expensive kit! Maybe just pick one or two projects to start with. The parts tables in Appendix A should help you buy what you need.

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