The 7-segment for micro:bit is a four digit 7-segment display for micro:bit. You can use it to display numbers, but it can also display letters and other characters, albeit limited to the 7 segments of each digit.

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  • Easy to connect (just needs one micro:bit pin)
  • Powered directly from micro:bit pins
  • Send messages to the display using the micro:bit’s Serial blocks
  • Useful for displaying readings from sensors

Getting Started

Connecting to your micro:bit

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Connect the power pins GND and 3V between the micro:bit and the 7-Segment for micro:bit. Connect the Rx (receive) pin of the¬†7-Segment for micro:bit to any of the micro:bit’s pins.

Block Code Example

// start with simpler getting started example here that just counts up.

// also check if you can redirect serial to a pin not on the connector

This example assumes that you are connecting pin 0 of the micro:bit to the Rx pin of the display. You can try the example here.