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The MonkMakesDuino is an Arduino-compatible board with the unusual form of a single row of pins. This board is the subject of this successfull Kickstarter campaign.

By using a single row of pins, the MonkMakesDuino connects easily to solderless breadboard. It is also Arduino Uno-compatible so you can program it using the Arduino IDE.


The procedure for installing the driver depends on which operating system your computer uses.

You will find VCP (Virtual Com Port) driver installers for your operating system here:

Select the download for your operating system and download the ZIP file containing the driver installer.

Windows 7 to 10

Unzip the ZIP file, which will be called something like and then double click on CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe to launch the installer.


To install the drivers on a Mac, scroll down Silicon Labs’ download page until you get to the section ‘Download for Macintosh OSX’ and download the file which will be called something like ‘’.

Unzip the file by double-clicking on it. This will create a file called SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg. Double click on this file in turn and then double-click on ‘Silicon Labs VCP Driver’ to run the installer for the driver.


Most distributions of linux have the CP210x drivers pre-installed, so you shouldn’t have to do anything.

Install the Arduino IDE

The other software that you must install is the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is the tool you will use to write and unload Arduino programs onto your MonkMakesDuino.

To install it, follow the instructions on the Arduino website, specific to your computer’s operating system:




You might notice that the Installer for your operating system offers to install USB drivers. These are the drivers for the official Arduino boards not the MonkMakesDuino, so installing them is a good idea as it will allow you to use official Arduino boards as well as the MonkMakesDuino.


Here is a PDF of the schematic.



4 thoughts on “MonkMakesDuino

  1. Geoff Riley

    Note that on the current Linux installer for the IDE, version 1.8.2, there is a long standing error in the script that will be fixed with the next release—whenever that happens.

    The fix is to open ‘’ and change the ninth line from:

    I hope that helps to prevent some amount of baldness. 😉

  2. Linda Taylor

    Thanks for pointing that out Geoff.

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