Monk Makes is known for its useful electronic kits and modules.

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Here is a list of our products, click on a product to visit the product page that will provide more information about the product including: where to buy it, FAQs, documentation, tutorials and community discussions.

7 Segment for micro:bit.

The 7-segment for micro:bit is a four digit 7-segment display for micro:bit. You can use it to display numbers, but it can also display letters and other characters, albeit with the limits imposed by the 7 segments of each digit.


Electronics Starter Kit for micro:bit.

With this kit, you get everything you need to start learning about connecting electronics to your micro:bit in an accessible and easy manner. Everything is connected using the supplied alligator clips, so no soldering required. This kit suitable for children as young as 10 with some adult help.


RGB LED for micro:bit.

The MonkMakes RGB LED is an LED that you can mix colors on to make any color that connects to your micro:bit using alligator clips.


Speaker for micro:bit.

The MonkMakes Speaker for micro:bit is a neat little amplified speaker that connects to your micro:bit using alligator clips.


Relay for micro:bit.

The MonkMakes Relay for micro:bit is a solid-state (no moving parts) relay that allows an output of a micro:bit to turn things on and off.

This relay can be used to switch low voltage devices such as light bulbs, a motor, a small heating element or even a string of 12V LED lighting. The voltage needs to be kept under 16V, but the relay will automatically protect itself against too much current.


Sensor for micro:bit.

The MonkMakes Sensor Board for micro:bit allows you to sense sound level, temperature and light level. You can connect it up to your micro:bit using alligator clips.


MonkMakesDuino LCD Kit.

The MonkMakesDuino LCD Kit will provide you with hours of entertainment building projects and learning how to program and use the MonkMakesDuino Arduino-compatible board.


Clever Card Kit for Raspberry Pi.inside_box web

The MonkMakes Clever Card Kit for Raspberry Pi will provide you with hours of entertainment building projects that can read and write from 13.5MHz contactless RFID smart cards.

A detailed step-by-step instruction book will get you started.


RasPiRobot Rover Kit.inside_box web

Build your own Robot Rover for Raspberry Pi – just add Raspberry Pi and batteries.

The kit contains our own laser cut chassis with the holes in the right places for mounting a Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3 or Zero. The kit also includes an ultrasonic rangefinder, Color LED and push switch.

An instruction book and accompanying videos will get you started.

Electronic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi.inside_box web

The Raspberry Pi Electronic Starter Kit is an ideal starting point for anyone new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi. It contains all the components you need together with easy-to-follow instruction cards to complete 10 simple experiments involving LEDs, thermistors, photoresistors and switches.

Squid Button Twin Pack

The Button Twin Pack provides you with two push switches that can be plugged directly onto the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi. Each Button has a built-in resistor to protect against accidental short-circuits.

The kit also includes a Raspberry Leaf to make it easier to identify the pins to connect the Button to.

Squid Button

The Squid Button is a push switch that can be plugged directly onto the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi. The Button has a built-in resistor to protect against accidental short-circuits.

Squid Combo Packbare board copy

The Squid Combo Pack gives you a Squid RGB LED and two Squid Buttons that can be plugged directly onto the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi.



Hacking Electronics Mega Kitkit in box spread out web

This kit of parts is an update and extended version of the Hacking Electronics Kit. This kit’s updgrade keeps it in step with the second edition of Simon Monk’s book Hacking Electronics.


Hacking Electronics Kitkit in box spread out web

This kit of parts is designed to get you started with electronics, and includes a solderless breadboard, jumper wires, a digital mutimeter, and a wide range of extra components.

It is sold as an accompaniment to the book Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists by Simon Monk.

Servo Kit for Raspberry Pi.inside_box web

This kit allows you to connect the two included servo motors to your Raspberry Pi using the Monk Makes ServoSix interface board. A Raspberry Leaf, battery box and jumper wires are also included in the kit.


MonkMakes Protoboard Kit.inside_box web

Go from solderless breadboard design to a neat soldered solution that works with connectors that don’t play well with breadboard using the MonkMakes Protoboard kit.

MonkMakes Protoboard Five Pack.

Replenish your stock of MonkMakes Protoboards with a 5-pack of boards.



MonkMakes Protoboard Side Components Twin Pack.

This is a twin pack of side components for the MonkMakes Protoboard. It includes relays, components for a 5V power supply and connectors.



RaspiRobot Board V3board with through headers copy

The RasPiRobot Board V3 is an expansion board designed to turn your Raspberry Pi into a robot controller. This board comes fully assembled and includes a switched-mode power supply so you can supply your Raspberry Pi from a variety of battery packs.

Puppet Kit for Raspberry Pi.inside_box web

Build a Raspberry Pi controlled puppet whose arms and legs are moved using servomotors. The kit includes a 20 page booklet and everything you need except batteries and a Raspberry Pi.


MonkMakes Basic Components Pack

The MonkMakes Little Big Box of Bits is a collection of the most used components from Simon Monk’s books. Unlike many basic components that give you a lot of cheap filler components that you will never use, this kit provides you with a good selection of the most useful components.

Electronics Starter Kit for BeagleBonecomponents out of box copy

This a kit of parts to accompany the book ‘Programming BeagleBone Black‘. It will get you started with a whole load of the projects and experiments described in the book. Its also not a bad general electronics starter kit.

TEA5767 Breakout Multipackbare board copy

The TEA5767 Breakout makes it possible to use TEA5767 FM radio receiver modules on breadboard. The breakout boards need you to solder your own TEA5767 module onto the board. Note that these are sold in a pack of three breakout PCBs.